Day 637, 638 & 639 – Feeling down and helping others

Friday, November 24, 2017

This day was okay.

I have been pretty down since the tests went badly the day before. Most of the day was normal, so I’ll skip all of that.

At home I went back on the site I found a few days ago where you can talk about all your problems. I went on it once and wasn’t getting connected to anyone, so I just left it. I decided to go back to it though. The first time I ended up with someone that was pretty rude, although not meaning to be, and then after a second try, I found someone who helped me a little. They made me realize how I don’t apply my own advice to myself, so I have to do that more.

Afterwards I decided I wanted to be a listener myself. I went through a guide that explains how to be a listener. Although it’s a good guide and you should follow it, I only use it as what it is, a guide, and do a few things my way. Just, the way they ask you to be a listener sounds robotic. So, I do as they say, but a tiny bit differently. Sometimes I managed to help other people, sometimes I didn’t. I helped one person in particular and we talked quite a bit. We seemed to also have quite a few things in common. He also felt better in the end, so that was a win for me!

Overall, I felt a bit better afterwards, after venting and also helping somebody. I went to bed pretty late cause of that, but that’s fine. If you’re wondering, the site is

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Today was my father’s birthday!

I started the day off with my portfolio class. It went well, although I seemed to have started mumbling while talking again. I used to do that a lot. Gonna have to watch that.

Afterwards we went to my uncle’s house to celebrate my father’s birthday. We had a fun time and it was good seeing the family! My dad also really liked the message I wrote in his card, which is good to hear!

At home I talked with the 7cups guy from yesterday. We found some more things in common. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I think I’m developing a crush on him. We talked twice maybe for almost two hours both times, but I met him only a few days ago, he’s probably across the world, and I’m already falling for him. I guess it’s the closeness you feel after expressing all your troubles from the heart, plus the things we have in common, but it’s odd for me to have fallen for someone so quickly. Actually no, scratch that, it has happened many times before, haha.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Today was alright.

Didn’t go to church, but did a small Bible study. I’ve been sleeping in late recently, but probably cause I’ve also been going to bed late.

I ate a bit weirdly. Since I woke up late I ate breakfast late, but then I also ate lunch an hour later. I wasn’t really hungry at supper, but I still took a big slice of cake from yesterday. So full I feel like I don’t need to eat for the next few days, haha.

I spent most of my time gaming or watching Star Wars stuff. I also did some research from my English ISU and a tiny bit of math homework.

I went on 7 Cups a bit and came across many people who had other intentions than seeking help. I used the word “troll”, but then was told by others to refrain from using the term and instead to be more specific and kind. Even though they told me politely, I beat myself up over screwing up, even though it was a normal and common mistake. At least it was the perfect place to feel that way, cause then you can directly find someone to vent about how you feel, haha.

I’ve been feeling weird lately though. I noticed it a little bit by how I’m writing and being confused about how I feel in general. Maybe it’s because of having so many things at once. Think I’m gonna refrain from helping more people on 7cups for a while before I screw up badly.

That’s all for today.

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