Heads up, I’ve been here before.

Why am I “starting this writing journey” you ask.

Beats me, like I said, I’ve been here before for probably the same reason all of you are here; to empty my head by means of writing. I attempted this before, wrote one entry and that was it which could be the case here as well but anywho.

Yesterday, I was quite at a low point and a couple of days before that and was like ” I’m starting that online journal thing again ” everyone speaks so highly of it, it’s bound to help you know and I believe it does but took me almost a week to get back here, let’s see just how long I’ll stick around. I was contemplating whether I should have a real private journal just for me or a public one, anonymously of course. Honestly, I prefer it to be a public one rather than something that’s just for me as I’d like to think that just maybe, my words could have somewhat of a ripple effect, you know, a positive note that bounces from one person to another, knowing that what you wrote is exactly what thousand of other people are going through and reading something in particular could make them feel that they are not alone. Then again, I wouldn’t want my words to effect anyone negatively as of course, many times words and meanings could come across wrong from one person to another; it all depends on the said person’s perspective I guess so if doubt about something I wrote about, just ask and clarify. It’s so much easier than trying to figure it out and making sense of it all on your own. Thinking and more than that, overthinking , is what brought us here in the first place, isn’t it? Let’s not pile onto the thoughts we already have, I’m guessing we deal with enough.

Just a tiny question, how does it work here exactly? Like are we supposed to use hashtags which our journals can relate to? Any tips and/or info is appreciated. 

Peace and love to all of you out there x

2 thoughts on “Heads up, I’ve been here before.”

  1. Honestly, you can do whatever and talk about whatever you want, everyone just kinda does their own thing while also just silently reading others entries. Not everyone comments on people’s entries, and no one really judges anyone else, we just give advice here and there. I’ve only been here a few days, but I pay attention. I hope you find this is an efficient way to get your thoughts out. :))))

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