Weekend at an End

So today marks the start of a new week, even though technically it’s still the weekEND. Church today was good, our pastor preached on how even though you might be going through terrible things and a miserable life, there is always something to be grateful and to thank God for inside of all that. 🙂 It was really encouraging.

Also, I’m excited for tomorrow so I can see my best friend again. (I’ll start addressing him by name later on) He was on yesterday at around 10:00 ish, and said Hi on our doc, but he hasn’t been on since, even though I e-mailed him. HMMMM MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY I THOUGHT HIS CHROMEBOOK WAS DEAD HMMMM. So I’m gonna wait for him and if he doesn’t come on, I will go back to my plan of yelling at him tomorrow huehuehuehue. 

So, even though I’ll try to be active (I’ll have to write after school though lols) I hope everyone has a GREAT week, and even if you don’t, try to find a little something to be grateful for.

Every day may not be good, but there is some thing good in every day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend at an End”

  1. Hey its randy obviouslyyyy Thank you for commenting on my stuff haha hope you don’t mind that i’m taking slight amusement on how you randomly capitalize your words maybe its a middle schooler thing lmao have a nice well. . . morning i guess i’m a bit of a night owl

  2. Hi Randy, lol yes I like to randomly capitalize my words CUZ IT’S FUNNNNN :’) It’s not just a middle schooler thing, it’s my awesome personal middle schooler thing. :’) Also yw for the comments lols.

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