[128] ~*Mon – 11/27/17*~

[10:13 pm]

I was getting ready to leave for work this morning when I decided to check my phone before actually leaving and I’m glad I did cause I had received a text saying I was cancelled with my first client. That was what we call a real late cancel as it was 10 mins before I had to pick up my client. I came back in the house and went back to bed. My last client also cancelled so I went to the Casino with my friend but we didn’t win. We ate at the buffet and I then went to work at the store. Now I’m kinda tempted to go to Jack’s but I know I shouldn’t. Darn gambling!

I just looked and both shows of last night didn’t play either. Almost all of the shows of this past week didn’t play so that means I’m all caught up. I guess I will keep watching The Good Doctor. I don’t know if I should wash my hair tonight or wait tomorrow.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing exciting happened today.




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