135 turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday was very nice. Too much food and a little too much drink, but the company was great. We drove to my mom and dad’s on Tuesday night. The trip was fine.  H did most of the driving.  I just relieved him for a bit so he could close his eyes.  Mom and I had a great time cooking and prepping.  D helped out. S went to hang out with his cousins which is the only thing he wants to do when we go there.  The dinner on Thursday was wonderful! So good.  I love cooking the feast with my mom.  We were almost all there except for my niece who had to work and my BIL and his kids because they had other family visiting.  We got together with everyone on Friday night. So good to see them all.  My sister’s kids are all doing so well.  I haven’t see the 2 college kids in a long time. They are all making their mama very proud. Friday morning I walked the beach with my SIL.  It was crisp and clear.  The beach was incredible. A lot of surfers out taking advantage of the beautiful day. Walked to the docks to see my brother and his boat.  He’s done so much work on it.  I admire him for his chosen vocation.  Or is it the vocation that chose him? I can’t see him ever doing anything different. He was born to fish.  Friday afternoon we took the kids to the local wildlife refuge.  Both S and D were taken by the animals.  Foxes, owls, peregrine falcon, possum.  D was especially taken by the bald eagle.  He was indeed impressive. We had a nice trail walk.

I’m so sleepy again – for the 2nd time today. It’s after lunch. I already had my before lunch doze at about 10 AM.  I hate this feeling. Off to find coffee.    

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