27 NOV 2017

To finish from yesterday. I  need to elaborate. which requires going back to that scorching august day, at Grinder. We were getting ready to leave. We stood up from the outside table and walked between your SUV and my truck, you had work in less than an hour and you kept prolonging you leaving. You needed to leave by 3:00 and it was 3:30, which helps me still to this day believe that your feelings were genuine and that you enjoyed our time. Oh man, this one still kills me btw. The regrets I have about these next few moments. This gets to me to this day and I wish I had done it differently, at least so if I was wrong I could have some explanation to why you haven’t contacted me.

Ok picking back up. We walked to our vehicles, your still in this stunning red dress. We chatted still longer as we discussed doing coffee again and you showing me around Wilmington. I went to open your door for you and help you in, I wouldn’t fail this time at being a gentleman. You immediately stopped me by backing up against your door. This took me by surprise, my right hand was on your driver door, and you were between me and it. I still get butterflies thinking about this, you put your hand on my chest! You were saying you didn’t want me to see inside your car since you were in the middle of moving, even though I could clearly see through your windows. You repeated yourself as we locked eyes. I don’t know how long I stood there, trapped in your gaze and you in mine. Would I kiss you? I felt compelled to, I felt you telling me with your body, posture, and stare that you wanted to kiss, to feel our lips together again, like eight years ago when it was you and me locked out of my car with the engine running. Carefree individuals in the moment. I pulled you in by your waist still eyes-locked. I rested my hand on the back of your head and pulled it to my chest. In the moment i didn’t want you to think I was after anything, except your company because I wasn’t nor have I been. I had to leave, my thoughts were to blurry from not kissing you, or at least trying and my heart was beating to fast. I let you go, hopefully not for the last time, and walked around the tail of my truck after we said our ‘see you laters’ you posted up on the right side and said in a smartass tone, which I still love, ” are you going to tell me what to wear again?” Your smile said it all and I couldn’t hold in my laugh. But I told you this time, “wear blue, no light blue” you said you had ” just the outfit”, you didn’t stop your sly smartass remarks there because you asked me if i’ll be wearing clothes again. 

LOL ok so back story to this, when I told Her to wear red she asked me what i’d be wearing, and my response was “clothes”. This was just a taste of just how easy it was to talk to you again, after not communicating for eight years.

I got in my truck and watched you pull out as we waved, for what I didn’t know would be the last time. So I pulled out high as a kite on life eager to see Wilmington with you. you were going to plan a day and show me around, a full day. I thought that this was the best day ever, and i was going over to a good friends house to catch up, eat, drink, and stay the night. This guy will be a groomsmen if I ever have a wedding. The gym is calling my name now, so until next time.

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