Confessions of ‘A’ Risin’ Star – Balance by Roy Woodz/PnB/DVSN

If I’m in an affair with a lesbian who is in a committed relationship, am I now bi?

There will never be congruency for me in regards to relationships like I’ve longly fathomed. I’ve taken such as both a vice, as well as a price for the fame that’s befalling me. It’s both a pleasure savvy choice and welcoming pain. 

Speaking with a friend today, a friend that I also believe asked for wealth, I embraced a newly understood truth. Adaptation is the key…

For example, the charity work I’m doin’ is being compensated for amid me being magicklly prepped for the art of giving. In giving you become free, but you also become attached… Therefore, you have to insist on letting go. Letting go, is typically easier said than done, depending on both the frequency and elevation via which one receives. 

Case and point, those who refuse to adapt will not do well in success or life in general. They will likely ensnare themselves into egotistical traps that no one but themselves allocated to happen. 

The artist I signed is jealous of me; I have felt it in my unconscious states. A better one has already approached me, and they do so, daily. It’s likely hard for her, because she lives amid the sting that all of of my enemies usually do (in regards to false perceptions of me). I’m doin’ such amid merely doing better at life, than others like her. Such is forcing her to embrace the reality that her reality is a fallacy, and such is happening amid me obtaining more than what she ever really imagined I would; however, I always saw such, and more. She thought the guy she chose after me, would. If not, she sure hopes for it…or not…;)

Either way…who cares. When you get hit up for sex, frequently by women…Like in the above pic…


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