Day 3 Entry (When I traveled to Mississippi)

It was in 2011, I was going to Mississippi for a family reunion. It was actually my first trip out of state. It was my mom, my aunt, and my great grandmother. Since most of my family is from Mississippi, They decided to have it down there. Before I got their I originally thought that It would look like an Island but I was wrong. When we first got there, I saw nothing but dirt roads, and trees. My family is Wesson, Mississippi. When we arrived at my relatives house, They acted like they have never seen anyone from the north.They gave my mom and I hugs because they haven’t seen her in years and they have never met me. We stayed with my Aunt Karen. When we got settled in, my great grandmother and I went to go pick pears off of my Aunt Karen’s tree. My whole family had fun and It was so nice to see everyone and meet some new family members.

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