Depression and anxiety triggers

I’m so sick of trying to get well and then getting triggered back into my hole. I have been worse than I have ever been! EVER! 

I’m scared of myself sometimes. 
I did something and ran to my husband to tell him to stop me.. to take the stuff away. 

I don’t know what I would have done. Next day I regretted it, but when you are in that state of mind. It’s… unreal. So unreal… I can’t explain it. 

The photo is my wrist. It’s healing nicely. I scribbled out my tattoos. So you can’t see my daughter’s name. 
My psychologist pretty much had me on call all that week because she knew how I was feeling. 
Apparently I just get that way because it’s the ultimate escape from my emotions and troubles. 

These things really do effect you. 

ANYONE out there that deals with this. I FEEL for you and I hope you never feel the need to go.


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