Let it go

During this year, a lot has happened. There was a variety of different situations which affected me in various ways. Either, positive or negative. I’ve gotten hurt a lot during this year and I held a lot of grudges, but now that I’ve finally calmed down my head isn’t clouded by anger so much anymore, and it made me realise that bad things happen for a reason. I had a friendship of 9 years which unfortunately ended because some people just tend to prioritise their boyfriends over their best friends… Anyway. At first it hurt, and it hurt a lot. Losing this type of friendship, hurt a lot more than any breakup I’ve ever experienced before. It was love. Real love. The type of love you give to your family. I thought of her as my sister. For a while I couldn’t get over it, sometimes it still gets to me but not so much anymore. She turned against me, and with her many other people tagged along and made me feel like an outcast. I wished them failure and to feel the pain they’ve caused me. But I’ve realised, that sometimes it’s better to lose some things to find ones that are better and more supportive, meaning real friendships. To me, the friendship I had was real, but to her it clearly wasn’t that big of a deal. However, I wish for her to be happy and instead of thinking of what she made me feel, I rather focus on the good times I shared with her and all the amazing experiences we shared together, even the sad ones, where we would support each other. I’ve realised that I have a choice, and it’s to either let pain and all that negativity affect me and bring me down, or let me learn from it and become stronger. 

At the end of the day, what comes around goes around, and…Karma is a bitch. 

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