Sick, but not really .-.

Sooo, I kept waking up in the night last night and I had (and still have) a sore, scratchy throat and a stuffy/runny nose. This entire day at school I felt like I was burning up, but when I come home and take my temperature…98.5 LIKE WHAT EVEN HOW THE HECK????!!! I still feel sick and tired but I’m still gonna have to tough it through the Bible Club I attend every Monday at my Grandpa’s church.

Anyway, on other matters: Math was fine today, the math teacher a few doors down from us “skyped” in on us again and taught us. I wish she was our permanent teacher…

Also, I didn’t yell at Raine (my best friend whom I also call Snow for reasonsss) today because whatever, it never crossed my mind and seemed unnecessary after I got there. He made me laugh as always, and turns a bad day into a good one. I asked him if he’d be on our doc after school (aka right now) because he told me his charger started to work again and his chromebook was charged, and he said maybe. He doesn’t have to talk to me, but I never got to talk to him over break so I kinda wanted to catch up. I’ll wait for him, but if he doesn’t come on before I leave…well then whatever, he can do what he wants.

Anywho, I hope everyone had a “happy Monday” as my art teacher says to us every Monday, and continues to have a good week. :p See you tomorrowww :’)

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