115. Secure in my self

 Now that I am comfortably in my recliner. 

Uncle Bobby, a year ago today we lost you. I love you, I miss you, look over Grannie, I miss her so much, look over Dad, and Grandma Roberta, they need guidance.


As chaotic as thing have been, I can’t be more thankful. It has opened my eyes not only to parts of my self, but of those around me. 

People opinions of me really mean little, especially of those that have no idea who I am, or those who judge me on things they misunderstand. I’m becoming secure in my self, who I’m becoming and where I’m going. What makes us as humans allow so vulnerable to opions, and thoughts of people that surround us, in an instance, or on a daily basis? Why does every one desperately seek the approval of those around them? 

Why not build your self in your own expectations? 


On a lighter note; house hunting sucks. 







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