[129] ~*Tue – 11/28/17*~

[11:25 pm]

I just watched an episode of The Good Doctor that made me cry. An old man didn’t wanted to get his pacemaker replaced cause he wanted to die. The doctor taking care of him finally decided to grant his wish and helped him die. Tears were just running down my cheeks. The old man thanked him and I could imagine my brother saying the same to us if he could of done so. I’m sure he is thankful for the decision we made for him. 

The episode kinda left me feeling blah so I don’t really know what I want to do right now. Do I want to watch another episode or read?! I’m currently in bed but not too sure what I want to do. It’s not midnight yet so I could watch another episode but I think I should prob just read. I was reading a book and got to like chapter 13 and realized it was the second book so now I want to read the first one before continuing this one. I kinda knew it was the second one as on the cover it said “… novel” which means it’s part of a series but I still started reading it but I think I should read the first one even thought I could prob get away with just reading this one as it doesn’t really refer to the first up to now but I might understand some things better. That said, I ordered the first book but couldn’t wait for it so I also took the electronic version to start reading now. I’ll switch to the book version once it gets here unless I finish it before which I doubt. 

Anyways, tonight I washed my hair and my pink is pretty much all gone. It’s all purple now. The pink really didn’t last long this time. Normally it changes color but you can still see that it’s not totally the same color as on top of my head. This time, it’s pretty much the same color now. Oh well.. I will try not to let it bother me too much. 

I slept till almost 2 pm. I went to Princess Auto to get some wipers as the clip on one of mines is gone. I had a hard time. It was the first time I’ve been in there since my dad passed and it wasn’t easy seeing all the Princess Auto boxes. I kinda wanted to get out of the store. I don’t really know why I did this to myself as I could of went somewhere else for wipers. Only reason I went there is cause my friend said they had cheap ones there. I didn’t even bought the cheap ones, I bought the other ones. Oh well.. Now it’s done. I’m sure dad’s spirit came with me to the store, it was his favorite. I should of took his ashes with me. 

Hub went for an interview for a new job today but he doesn’t think he’ll get the job. Sad! At least he likes his current job. He just applied to this one cause it paid more. 

Beside that, didn’t do much. Did some laundry and as always, didn’t put it all away yet. I did half which is better than nothing. 

Well, I should get to reading if I don’t want to go to sleep too too late. I’m working at 11 instead of one tomorrow. 




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