i’m falling harder than ever, and this time, i’m not going to try and stop myself. i’m letting it happen. i have a beautiful boy in my life, and his eyes are the prettiest thing that i’ve ever seen. thinking about him doesn’t constantly distract me from everything else that i’m dealing with. it inspires me to better myself so i can do good and make him proud. the way he talks to me feels like poetry. every single word that comes out of that boys mouth is exhilirating, i swear. he feels like home and an adventure all at once. for once in my life, i’m completely certain of what i want. i want to fall in love, so deep that i can’t get back up, and i want it to be with him. i want to try. even if things end up collapsing, even if my heart gets broken, even if i end up regretting everything in the end. i want to take the risk. this all just feels so right, he feels so right. i’ve always heard that wonderful things can happen when you just let what is meant to be simply be. i’m done worrying, i’m done holding back and i’m done pushing people away just because i’m scared of what could happen. i am letting myself fall. and if i’m lucky, the luckiest person in the entire universe, he might just be the one standing and waiting to catch me.

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