A time I experienced an extreme emotion.

I usually try not to show any emotions but to this day one of the only times I ever experienced an extreme emotion was finding out my granddad was in the hospital and had been diagnosed¬† with cancer. I was in what I think was the 6th or 7th grade and my mom came up to my school to pick up me and my older brother but wouldn’t say what was going on. Being young it was scary enough that she was crying and wouldn’t give an explanation as to why, but when she pulled into the hospital I could feel my stomach drop and a knot start to form in my throat. As we walked in and saw the rest of my family there I started to notice the only person who wasn’t there was my granddad, so I asked where he was. My grandma told me he was in the back because lately he had been vomiting and falling a lot lately. I think it was about 4 hours before a doctor came and broke the news to my grandma before telling the rest of us what it was. We were all hurt and in tears but the part that really hit is when they said how long it would be before he passes and with him being the only real father figure me and my brother every really knew that hurt on an entirely new level for me. It was like a combination of sadness and fear, so at that point it was really pointless for me to even try and keep composed and I pretty much lost it, but I never let it get to the point of doing something stupid or out of my character because I knew it wouldn’t help and it would only make it harder for me. Luckily over the course of treatments a lot of other things he’s still here, so the fact that this was suppose to take my granddad away from me years ago had he’s still here better than ever I believe there nothing in this world besides my family that i’m more grateful for.

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