Day 640, 641 & 642 – Mood & Star Wars

Monday, November 27, 2017

Today wasn’t that great.

Oh, turns out the guy I was falling for, actually a girl, haha. Oh well, I think we’ll end up being good friends!

I was in a depressed mood all day. The tests I did last week, the overall stress and more weighed down on me. Kohai obviously noticed. She made efforts to make me feel better, like saying she loves me and all, which is sweet, but kind words don’t always work on me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today I was doing a little better.

I’ll just skip most of the day again. I still wasn’t in a good mood, but instead of just being down, I was angry at everyone and everything. I figured at that point that the base of my emotions is the stress, but the thing overdramatising it was my time of the month. But it didn’t help pinpointing part of it, cause then I was angry at myself for overdramatising things, haha.

At home I read 100 pages of my French book and did little math homework until later at night.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mood wise, I was doing a lot better this day.

In math I discovered that my test that I thought I did terrible on, actually got a B+. I expected a C, but I actually did okay. It was a relief to say the least, and definetely improved my mood.

At lunch I saw that my phone was on really low battery, which was confusing, because I didn’t use my phone all morning. I figured it was the music, but it was paused on the last song I listened to. The only logical explanation is that because I was connected to the internet, it must’ve went ahead and done some updates, but even then it shouldn’t have eaten the battery that much. Guess I’ll never know what caused it.

At home I finished my book and did some math. I have also been looking at Star Wars cosplays and cheographed duels. I always wanted to make a New Republic Jedi Padawan cosplay and to know how to do lightsaber tricks, as well as cheograph and/or be part of a cheographed duel. 

For the cosplay, I always liked the idea of the traditional apparel, but grey. I enjoy the idea of balance with the light side and dark side of the Force. I also disagree with some of the Jedi Code, yet want to be a Jedi and follow the other codes. In that situation, I’d be known as Gray Jedi, hence the grey outfit. I also want it to have the Padawan braid, because I just feel like I’d suit the Padawan title more until I become more skilled with a lightsaber. The hilt of the lightsaber I’m not totally sure about yet, although I have some ideas. For the crystal colour, I’d like it to be an icy blue. As for the robe, if I do a very light grey outfit underneath, the robe could be a darker grey. I could also add a pattern to the robe, since I saw in the animated Clone Wars some Jedi have robes with designs. I don’t want it to look complicated though, so if I do add designs, they’d be really simple.

I also have another colour scheme idea if I were to make a dark side user cosplay, which would be with an amber lightsaber. I’d use the character I always had in mind. Her outfit is inspired by Kylo’s, although the most prominent accessories is her black ripped cloak, black elbow and knee pads (might have some on her shoulders too of the same size), and she wears a type of black futuristic bottom part only of a gas mask (so only covers nose and mouth), yet by the press of a button it can somehow extend into a full helmet (I didn’t like the idea of obstruction of vision, but also wanted to hide face expressions, so I found a middle). I would definitely not be able to make the helmet (I could maybe somehow, but it’d be pretty complicated and would take a long time to figure out), but the dark user design in general doesn’t interest me as much as the Gray Jedi one anyway.

That’s all for today.

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