It’s Okay

I thought that it would be nice to remind people that it’s okay to make mistakes, have people dislike you, or be hurt and cry; because at the end of the day, as long as you know you are still alive and there is still tomorrow to make things right again, then none of us should be giving up on our beliefs and our dreams. I have hit rock bottom, or at least a version where it was close to rock bottom, some time last year and this year too. There have been so many situations where I have lost “sisters” from a sorority I thought I belonged in, friends who I thought would always be by my side, and the countless mistakes I made in taking on too many responsibilities than I could have accomplished in the limited amount of time I was given to finish them. After all those situations and many more from my past, that included nearly losing my life, I know now that as long as we are still alive, there is always a way to fix those mistakes and mend those wounds we have acquired. You are also not alone because you would still have all those people around you who truly love you and wish for your success; whether they are friends, co-workers, or family. Also, for those out there who still feel that they are alone, just remember the many things in your life that you have already accomplished and let that motivate you to better yourself. 

There is no end if you are still alive. There are only further steps we can take until we can no longer walk anymore, so we just need to remember to pick ourselves up and keep walking. 

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