Sick, Tired, but Happy

So I took my temperature last night when I got home from clubs and it was, as I expected, a low-grade fever of 99.3. I knew it :’) So this entire day I’ve been sick with a cold, and really, really tired lol. (I obviously still went to school)

So my first period Spanish teacher wasn’t here today so I sigh and rush to see what class I have to go sit in.

I GOT SOOOO LUCKY!! It turns out I have to go to the virtual school class, with my good friend Ana, so that’s already fun. But the BEST past was that the virtual school class JUST SO HAPPENS to be Raine’s first period. When we walked in and headed to the table in the back, Snow’s face just lit up and he gasped so loud and waved like “OMG HIII!!!!”

So basically all we did that period was talk to each other on our doc and giggle because his computer desk was also at the back (Things worked out really well for me that period) so we could look at each other and goof off. 

The rest of the day was pretty good, save for being sick ugggghhh. I got a haircut today. I’m growing out my really boring, straight hair so I can do things with it, but today I got the split ends cut off and it doesn’t poof around the bottom(My very thick hair does that when it’s too short), so it looks really good and I like it. So tomorrow, I am finally, for the first time ever since the first day of school, gonna wear my hair DOWN all day. I’m excited because I’ve taken my hair out really quick in certain classes and everyone said they liked it so yay. Also, it’ll be fun watching people (best friend included huehuehue) flip out because they’ve never seen me with my hair down before. So I’mma style it by doing a braid or half pony and then go out. 😀 I hope it looks good tomorrow or else I won’t wear it down. (Just my personal preference because I usually HATE my hair down :’)

I hope everyone had, and continues to have, a good day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

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