Thank you.

Someone asked me today, “What do you think you would do if you ran into him somewhere like store or something?” And I honestly had to step back and think about it.

Im not exactly sure what I would do.

Would I look the other way?

Would I burst into tears?

Would I immediately flip the fuck out?

Lets hope I NEVER have to find out. There’s a lot that I wish i could say to you. But there’s no point. You still claim to be the victim. You think you’re the one that got hurt. Which you might have. But it was only because of you’re own actions. I wanted to get passsed everything. I did. The thing is, I couldn’t. You fucked my head up so bad. I can’t trust anyone because of you. Not even people I thought were my friends. You ruined that for me.

However, I do have you to thank. Because if it weren’t for you, I would have never realized my worth. I wouldn’t have gained a new confidence in myself and I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience and find true love.


thank you. BUTTTT fuck you and pray to godddd that we never run into eachother.

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