The Baseball Game

This Is a true story.

As the cool April breeze chilled the air, my family and I got out of the car and walked to Progressive Field to watch the Cleveland Indians play the well known game called baseball. We walked into the stadium, the smell of hotdogs and nachos overwhelmed my nose. We grabbed a bite to eat and went down to the amazing seats my mom scored off of Groupon. The seats were about twenty rows back from where the dugout was. It would have been good foul ball territory but, the big net that hung above us stopped that from happening.

Throughout the game there were great plays in the field and even greater plays at bat. Frankie Lindor and Abraham Almonte both hit home runs. Between innings my sister and I would run up close to the dugout and see if we could get a baseball or tee-shirt.

During the end of the game, since we were so close to the players dugout our parents said that we could go up to the dugout and see maybe if we could get a baseball. Blocking the dugout is the first row of seat my dad said to climb over it to get as close as we can get.

On strike three we ran up, jumped the first row of seats, and stood there waiting for something to happen. A few minutes pass by and my parents had worked there way down closer to where we were. I was just standing there so my dad calls out “ wave your hands .”

Then I saw it. A bat had been placed on top of the dugout. The lady who was making sure everyone was following the rules bent down to listen to the person holding the bat. She picked up the bat and handed it to me and my sister. I was about to explode. We screamed in unison and held up the bat. overjoyed we ran to show our parents.

My dad, being a really big Indians fan and took the bat from us, looked and the players name and then yelled “ It’s Almonte’s ! ”

As the light on my moms phone flashed like crazy the looks on peoples faces were priceless. Looks of jealousy and “Omg what just happened” took the place of everyone around us. Then after taking all the pictures imaginable we started to head home.

On the way back to the car my dad suggested that he should hold the bat without hesitation we handed over the bat. When we were walking back my dad said that he saw someone following us. Closely. My dad is a pretty big guy so when he stopped and turned around, the guy walked away. Once back to the car my dad gave me and my sister the bat back. My dad had been holding the bat so tight that the pine tar stuck to his hands the whole ride back. Later he told us that after two weeks it still hasn’t come off.

We had recorded the game and went back to look and see if the bat was hit home run bat. After looking back we found out it wasn’t but it was still cool because we got even more cool pictures. The bat has really noticeable marks on it and we took pictures on the bat on tv and the bat in real life. That was one of the best games I have ever been to and I’m sure I will never forget it

Yes we really did get the bat. I was gonna add a pitcure but I couldn’t get the pictures from my phone to my computer. Please comment if you are from Ohio. Or just comment if you likes the story. 🙂

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