Today’s day #2

So lets see the whole day I’m freaking out. Why you might ask? Well It’s because my stupid annoying period is at least 2 days late. Anyway Language Arts we watched a really sad movie called “the boy in the striped pajamas”. It was sooo sad at the end but I won’t spoil it. Social Studies we took notes. Science we did some really easy online lab type of things. Then in math we were working on one of our math worksheets. So someone had gotten Mrs. Singer talking about how she missed it when kids passed notes in school because she would not even read what they said. she would read something embaressing about the kid that she randomly made up. Anyway someone asks like what so ofcourse she is gonna give an example. So first off there is a guy who sits right acros from me his name is Ben. So Mrs. Singer goes oh my gosh Adrienne is so cute I wish she would go out with me. I heard my name and the first thing I said was No No No. I don’t like Ben. He is very annoying. So then to make things worse someone says “Put them on the 8th Grade Sweeties List” I’m already up there with Aidan so I’m yelling no because I don’t like him. luckly Mrs. Singer likes the girls in my class better that the boys so she didn’t add my up there again. Thats all for now. Please comment I like reading what nice things people have to say. Plus I don’t have a Youtube Channel and I want this to kinda be my Youtube if thats not weird. 

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