” – The year is 2080, the year Love made its call to humankind, to humanity. In a small city there lives a girl. 

I don’t know what to say about her. If another would try to understand her probably they won’t be able to. Let’s come to a consensus that her character and her story have an uniquely strange aspect.

  – Does the story have a continuation?

  – Ah! You were actually listening. (subtle laugh) Of course! 

  – She lived together with two birds which she loved as if they were her own children. Every day she would say to herself  ‘I want you to become my children and give you all of my loving.’

Her life was a nurturing place by virtue of her birds and at the same time her children.

  –  Sounds pretty incredible! … but somehow I can’t seem to grasp the meaning of her feelings.

  –  You’re still young. It’s because that you still have to let your experiences grow. 

  – … but, you know?

  – Hm?

  – What is her experience? 

  – Let’s see… the story is a little long. 

  – It’s ok. I want to listen!!

  – But, before I relate about this segment of the story I want to add a few more things. 

 So let’s return a few moments back to the story with her children. 

Every time her birds would listen to her talk to them, their singing would become more and more vivid and lovely. The birds felt appreciated and loved singing daily new beautiful songs and their love for each other grew with each one. So great their love was that it sent a message to the past and the future to come. Knowing that people need her encouraging affection, she sent this message: ” 

‘ I will have faith and believe more in myself, in everyone and this world’s love; I will try to exceed my love for everyone so that nobody would ever feel lonely again.

That’s why, you too have faith and believe in yourselves. You are not alone. 

You are beautiful, so smile!’

This message, you see, was so strong that it reached humankind, both from the past and future and became each country’s contemplation, the entire globe!

The people from the past at the heed of this message, to be more meticulously exact, people that worked in the logic field tried to build a technology device that would emphasize her message and its meaning, also taking in consideration that it had to reach further where people couldn’t afford to travel or buy other technology related objects.

The technology art piece due to the incomplete nature of people, couldn’t be created in accordance to their intentions however, the essence of the girls message was discerned clear enough, “Please Protect the World” and these words were integrated within this invention’s language system. The result was that the message to protect the world was carried out to the best of its capabilities however, its “translation” was a little different; meaning that people, in their efforts to protect, they would find challenges that would make people reach higher but also intimidating challenges that would hinder them – bullying.  

Each day, each year the bullying increased in number. Even if the person would be a family member or friend, society, world member, each they would take turns in intimidating behaviours. 

– I don’t believe you!! How could they!??

– If this would be real it would have been frightening. If someone would just sit and think a little about the summary of such a circumstance, only think a little about it, he or she be would be able to understand how discouraging that would be to every day’s life. 

 Since the moment one is born, the necessary condition in which family is an environment filled with nurturing love isn’t satisfied. From the beginning, people couldn’t feel complete. From the beginning parents didn’t have a choice but to offer their offsprings the love that they have as little as it is – same love they experienced themselves as children.

She, had to muster the courage to love regardless of what kind of life and in what kind of society she lived in, just as other people. 

 – In spite of everything, everyone survived. They triumphed reaching beyond didn’t they?

 – Yes!!! The hope of artists from all over the world, the hope of simple people and the hope belonging to the team of researchers assembled into one, and together they persevered to make the world a better place; 


By sharing their emotional experiences they created opportunity bridges so that pupils would have the chance to “meet” with their emotions, and express them in writing.Through this educational journey they tried to restore children’s image of the self so that they would be able to overcome their challenges with dignity. 

– I have a few questions regarding her story, though. Why did it have to be a girl? a woman? And why did it have to be her? 

– She wasn’t born with genius capabilities, she was simply a girl. However the technology that the team of scientist people designed was also outlining the plan to the girl’s birth event. 

– Plan!??

– That computer was looking for the specific person to meet the required conditions to survive and confront computer’s program. 

It was looking for the right people to be the girl’s parents, the favorable conditions for her to have the right personality, the desired lifestyle. 

The computer gathered all these informations and so she was born. And since that point on, evaluations started to occur, defying the strength of her love. 

The truth was that not only girls and women were given challenges, boys or men also received such challenges, and whether they were fair or not they had to surpass them to move on.

2017 would be a limit year for her, thing which the computer knew about, thus sending an s.o.s message to the other her that was living in the future. Because of her strong words of devotion the computer looked for her younger self in its quest to save Earth. 

The technological invention was created in 1960. 

– You said that the year 2017 would be a year limit for her. What happened then?

– You want to know? 

– Yes. 

 – Alright. Let’s see, until she would arrive to year 2017 she would have to go through a lot of hardship. She tried to make friends and a lot of times she failed. Though she failed a lot of times, she never gave up until she found what she was anticipative for.

I guess that, because of so many missteps in her life journey she felt the need to vindicate, to have something she could call her own. 

In that year, the computer was at its peak form giving all it had to challenge her and other people.

-Did it have to test her most potential? 

-Most probably, because the next coming years other fortitude demonstrations might be in demand right? 

Both her body and mind were overburdened by fatigue. Although everyone were put to the test nobody actually knew of the existence of this technology invention, other than herself.

– She must have felt alone..

– Very… I think I mentioned earlier that the reason why she was most put to the test was because she was the one that confessed her love so passionately. 

And you might probably startle to hear… the technology apparatus didn’t use only people to cause commotion, it also used TV control. What was broadcasted to television stations and what appeared on the internet would become another impediment.

-…. I don’t know what I would have done in her place. 

I think it was really hard for her.. the society of 2017 is in my opinion the most desolate year one could have. It’s as if the computer invention waited for this chance to happen. 

.. and what happened next?

– She thought of returning to her younger self, visited the places she remembered as “beloved”; tried to watch the shows she once found most encouraging, and tried to listen to the music she used to find meaning in.

She went through all of them,step by step writing down all the important feelings that took space in her being. 

– Did she find anything?

– She did!!! Amazing as it may sound, she did. She started to remember all that she loved about life, she reunited with some of her most treasured friends and, she got herself BACK!!! She set her “puzzle” piece by piece counting every tear and writing to her hearts content. 

– ha ha.. I think I would have liked to meet her. 

– Yeah.. me too. 

– To her, her life is the longest journey, because of the dismay of not being able to define, to find herself. I believe it to be so. 

– It wouldn’t have been so hard for her if people would have noticed sooner. Speaking of which, why didn’t people notice sooner? 

– People originally are weak and technology made humankind even more weak. Isn’t it?

To defeat such a force a stable and strongly vigorous love ought to show at the surface. 

– Yes?? … the story is pretty amazing… it actually is truly amazing!  

So, was she saved? Did she keep her friends in 2080 too? Did she find her own personal happiness discovering her life partner? 

– Truly so. 2080 is a truly miraculous year!

2017 though will be remembered as one of the most regrettably unfortunate of years.

However, with the technology invention that the researchers created, they have found and caught the ones responsible for the mishap that happened in the world thanks to its perfect  monitoring system. 

Don’t worry! 2080 is the year everyone’s wonderful efforts show!! 

This is also the year, she finally becomes happy! 

She finds joy in giving birth to two of the most precious of children.  

Together with her lovingly kind husband the world becomes a safer place; because they are there for each other always, together the world becomes further on so much beautiful.









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