[130] ~*Wed – 11/29/17*~

[10:24 pm]

I’m so tired. I just finished watching The Good Doctor, I’m all caught up on that show now. I should be getting the garbage ready and putting it to the road but I really don’t feel like doing it tonight. I’ve put my alarm for 15 mins earlier than what I normally get up so I can do it in the morning. I just hope they don’t come pick it up before I put it to the road. If they do, I’ll just put it next week.

Nothing exciting happened today. I worked and that’s pretty much it. I’ve bought a few more things today so we’re about $110 over budget. Can’t wait for the month to be over. We’ve also made about $1200 of extra spending this month with the car’s tires, hub’s license, this and that. It’s a really bad ending to the year. I’m just thankful that we do have the money to make these extra spending’s and that we don’t have a hard time gathering money when ever we need to make an unexpected purchase. I see a lot of people struggling and I never want to be one of those. I am a workaholic but I also work extra and hate missing days cause I do want us to have savings.

Anyways, I just sorta feel blah so I think I will head to bed right now and do some reading. I wanted to take a bath but I think my bed sounds like a better plan at this moment. I wanted to call mom to see if my brother had left today but I think I will just call her tomorrow cause I don’t think I’ll make it to 11:15 pm. I have a feeling I won’t be reading for too long. Sleep is calling my name. I honestly don’t know how hub does it. He sleeps like 5-6 hrs and he seems fine. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. If I could I think I would sleep for a whole week.

Well, I shall go meet that dear bed of mine.




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