-#2-Meeting Him

   I swear that I have been the most self-conscious this time around. It really tears me up inside emotionally. Men are simple(not that they are stupid), but they say what they mean, or at least most I have met. There isn’t that deeper meaning behind their words when they say you’re “great” or “beautiful,” or something is “fine”. It just means what it means. Most of the females I know can say things are “fine,” but that usually means a bunch of things. 

Might just be me, I’m not used to teenage boys, and damn, he’s confusing in a frustrating way. I apologized to him for being emotional(which I have been), and he will say, “It’s fine”. What if I’ve already ruined the impression I’ve made on him? What if he’s just hiding the fact he dislikes that part of me?Seriously though, I’ve only known him for five days and we have spent every single moment, apart from going to the bathroom and sleep, together. It’s sort of been crazy. I’m just so damn self-conscious for the first time in alll my life.

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