Fault is Five

What was my fault?

You were the one who gave up right?

You were the one who said “let’s stop”.
You didn’t say for now,
you didn’t say but maybe someday,
you didn’t clearly tell me why
you didn’t gave me the reason for that goodbye.

So what was my fault?
Was it wrong to try and find someone who could at least make me smile?
Was it wrong if I wanted to feel a little bit important, a little bit loved?
Was it wrong to feel that somehow, I was worth taking the risk?

Really, what was my fault?

I was hurt too, you know.
You fucking know how hurt I was. How hurt I am.

I just can’t get over the fact that your people
thought of me, think of me as a piece of filthy trash just because I tried to feel the love that you gave up with someone else.

I tried to love someone even if I know it would never be enough to cover what you brought to my life. I was wrong with that I know.

But what was that to you?
What was that to them?

It has nothing to do with you so wuhy call me names?
why make me feel rso fucking humiliated like I don’t deserve to breathe?

You were the one who gave up.

not me.


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