I am a warrior

well another three and a half weeks has passed. 

I am honestly amazed at my growth during this time. I have really risen up and accepted this situation. She is moving out tomorrow and I feel liberated. I view posts from others on a bipolar spouse support group page on Facebook and I instantly feel relief. Relief that I am not in that prison anymore. Now I am free. 

I read something today along the lines of this: we never know the strength of rebirth until we let go of a situation we always thought we couldn’t. Something about that just resonated with me. I thought she was my forever, I accepted less than I deserved but that doesn’t mean I have to keep doing it.

I’ve honoured her and treated her with such compassion. I’ve made my boundaries clear and asserted myself.

to be honest I feel like I’m a warrior.

I wish you peace and light for whatever struggle you may be nursing. You are strong and you will rise again. 

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