Let me..

Let me walk with you
Along brushes with sharp edges
and land of stones and sticks
among crowded places
with people of different ages
Let me walk with you
and let me hold your hand
while we set our bare feet on the ground
while our soles are sore
and our souls are pure once more.
Let me walk with you
under bridges, over waters
let me walk you with the fishes
and imagine a life full of surprises.
let’s dive the depth of our fears
and conquer the world with happy tears
Let me walk with you in mornings,
while the ray of light illuminates your glow
and evenings
while the world around us doesn’t know.
let’s watch the dawn on a grassy lawn
and the sun rise while praying with closed eyes.
Let me tell you how incomparable you are
to the fireflies and mishaps of a colored sky.
Let me use the words I’ve long had in my mind
and keep this fantasy out of my words and silent delights
let me show you how two worlds can be one
beyond these words, beyond this world.
let me walk with you,
and do everything this girl could possibly knew
show my ways,
because my ways are beyond words
if you let me love you

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