Letter to the Few

To the best of friends I have,

My greatest fear was to be left alone in a universe where life comes in two or three or a bunch of people.

I was a nobody. But with you guys, I felt like I was meant to be a somebody. You lifted me from the grounds of my discomfort and helped me raise my esteem, for I, as you call it, was part of the team.
It was a privilege to walk with you guys, to eat the same food with you, to laugh with the same joys and weep the same tears with you, to have the same fears of falling and failing, to pick the same shattered pieces of ourselves from the same ground we’ve been crushed in. It is a privilege to be called as your friend. And tho my greatest fear stand still, I knew in my heart that I will never be alone for I have all of you in my universe.

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