Reward Myself w/Love


It seems to me that everyone with a journal blog here is sad, depressed or fighting off something.  How sad to see so many broken spirits in one place. 

I too am sad and depressed, but I am able to get moments of bright spots in life.  I feel semi-retired in the fact that I’ve been working continuously for a long long long long time so that today I’ve lucky to be where I am today.  I’m not rich, I do not live in a fantastic place… but where I live is awesome for my means and everything I’ve ever wanted in a house.  [I love you house w/a fenced yard and 2 car garage!!]

I am grateful to God I met my dog companion that’s been with me every single day of his life since he was born.  He came to me EXACTLY when I needed him..  and I actually birthed the litter of 10 he came from.  I love my dog so much, I can’t bear to think of later and being w/o him.  Bigger dog so I estimate live to 13?  Making him half way through his life…. just like me in life.  I love my dog!

I’m not sure what’s happening with my body but I’ve been shedding weight like crazy.  My 40 pound loss is solid.  I’ve gained/loss weight in a 4 pound radius of 141 but I always get back to 141.   Firstly I want to focus on losing just 2 pounds to be in the 130’s!!!! woohoo I haven’t been that weight since high school!  It feels so nice to fit into everything I put on and it looks good, to where I don’t see fat bulging over my waist pants.  And I can’t get over how many years it took off my appearance.  I’m in my early 50’s but could pass for someone in their late 20’s from a distance.  That’s how good my body looks.

I’m going on a trip soon too, in about 2 weeks.  I’m anxious and want to get it over with lol but I need to start packing.  And I need to be happy about going.  Wait till they see how much weight I lost.  Maybe 40 pounds isn’t a big number like 82 pounds?  But it is significant enough to warrant buying new pants.  I cannot wear a size 14 with a belt, it’s way too big and looks terrible.  A size 12 looks terrible.  If I keep losing weight I will go down to a size 7/8.  One step at a time.




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