[131] ~*Thu – 11/30/17*~

[8:38 pm]

I’m bad! Since my second client cancelled, I worked with my third one earlier so I could end my day earlier. That said, I hadn’t ate as I normally go out to eat with my second client. I called my friend to see if she would come eat with me so we went out to Swiss Chalet. It’s the end of the month and we’ve already made so many extra expenses and here I am, spending more. I took it from the $100 I won last week. Of course that wasn’t enough. Since we were close to the Casino I decided to go try my luck. Bad, bad, bad! I played $20 and gave my friend $10 to play and we didn’t win anything. I spent $70 out of my $100. Bleh! I didn’t get any free money for next month so hopefully that’s my last spending at gambling.

Since I did my laundry on Tue instead of tonight I decided to take the opportunity to wash the bed sheets which I’m doing right now. I watched a few episodes and put away the laundry that I hadn’t put away on Tue night. I also swept the floor a bit and gosh, so much dust everywhere. I really need to start cleaning this house. I honestly don’t know where I took the time and energy to clean half the house two years ago. I had told myself I was taking a break and never got back to it. Hopefully with the new year coming I will get into cleaning mode cause dang. I don’t know if I should take from where I left off or just start all over again. Of course this time around it will go much faster as I already got rid of so many things when I did my cleaning. All the big cleaning per say is done but I would like to clean the walls, floors and all that. I need to set my mind that I will clean one room per month. That should be doable. I’m currently looking at the wall in the PC room and it really needs to be washed. I’m just being lazy. I still haven’t even taken out the AC from the window in our bedroom. I just shut the window and that was it. It’s all dirty between the windows and I couldn’t bother with it. Arg! I also wanted hub to clean the gutters before winter and of course he didn’t do it and now it’s kind of too late as things are freezing. I still had the hose outside which we put away on Tue and it was all frozen. I just can’t believe how fast the time is going. I feel I have so much time to do stuff and then I turn around and it’s too late. Like I’ve said before, I hope the new year brings my cleaning spirit back cause I’ve been so darn lazy this year compared to all I had accomplished the year before.

Anyways, I have one more show to watch to be all caught up with shows but that’s gonna wait a lil later. Right now I want to go relax in a nice warm bath.




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