Hot and Cold

Had a good start to the day but I messed it up royally at the end. Wtf is wrong with me I felt horrible all evening. It was my fault.  Then I also ate almond w/dark chocolate covered raisins at 1 am.  Grrrr now I will gain weight during tomorrow morning weigh in.  If not I’ll know the scale is broken.  Fuck! Plus I have to exercise more it takes longer.

That’s ok baby you can still come back and lose the extra pound or 2.  Puts me around 4 pounds behind sheez! I detest going backwards in progress was so close. Welp. Girls its time to work out again…. Even my dog has to lose weight due to age lol I fed him less today.


It’s the next day and I’ve installed the GNJ phone app so here I am.  Continuing my hot/cold attitude. Whats wrong with me?

And how did I burn up another pound? Stress?? Is my scale broken?? Why am I shedding 4 pounds this week? I normally try to go for losing 1 – 1.5 pounds per week so 4 pounds is a lot. Note to self: IF I lose 1 more pound I will be 139 tomorrow! (7 months ago I weighed 181.6)

I’d like to take this time to thank myself for the awesome persistence to achieve this goal at my old age. I really ballooned in the past 5 years so I’m super happy about how this worked in 7 months.

I will be calm, kool and collective. I am not doing anything wrong and I am actually very FINE!  Note to self – You worry too much for your own good. Be confident and stop doubting yourself. I love myself, I am beautiful and most of all I am strong!  Have a great day! I WILL have a great day today =)

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