I’m not a game…

If you just want nudes then say that. If you just want to fuck then SAY THAT!!! Don’t tell me some bullshit lie about you want to be with me(relationship) and that you like me. Because there is a big difference in you liking my body and wanting my body then wanting me. You are just wasting yours and mine time by lying. If you are straight up with me then lying. It’s ten times more attractive when you tell the truth then when you lie just saying and maybe some girls not saying me but maybe some girls would actually give you the things you wanted in the first place if u just tell her the damn truth   

Am i right?

One thought on “I’m not a game…”

  1. I remember them saying not to send nudes to eachother at school because if someone puts it on the internet its always on there. TO some extent thats true. I’d just not take the risk. Both my exs have had this done to them. (not by me) I was a bad bf but i didnt do thaat.

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