scheduling a trip to the e.r. for myself.

This semester is driving me insane, I’m going to be pulling multiple all nighters in the next 1.5 weeks, and as we get closer to finals week I begin to have more than 1 emotional breakdown per day. 


also, my life has officially turned into a fucking soap opera. 

ayato broke up with his girlfriend and all hell has broken loose. and for the record i’m NOT complaining because i know i am the cause of this drama. he broke up with her and she went batshit crazy on him. She immediately accused him of messing around with me, she started to break his shit (who breaks up with their girlfriend in THEIR APARTMENT???!?!?!?!?!?) and then she started to beat him lol. I’m not fucking joking.  she gave him a black eye and started to throw things at him lol. and she did it on purpose because ayato is a muy thai fighter since he was like 5 years old. so she told him that she was going to hurt herself and tell everyone he fucked her up and threatened her. i dont get what him being a fighter has to do with it – i don’t know the difference between karate and naruto – lol , i dont know anything about fighting!!! but ayato told me she also has trained in muy thai fighting herself so….he told me he didn’t try to fight her,  she was attacking him. and i saw his eye today and its fucking black lol. i guess she really kicked his ass because he wasn’t even trying to defend himself, i dont fucking know why but im guessing he knew she was going to say some lies against him. maybe she’s done it before.  and then he kicked her out of his apartment, she refused to leave, and instead she called the police and told them that ayato beat her and kicked her. she lied. ayato was almost arrested, but thankfully he wasnt because he was the one that was hurt, and she didn’t even have any bruises, and his next door neighbor heard the screaming and told the police that he had overheard her tell ayato that she was going to hurt herself and then tell the police he did. then she was going to be arrested for beating ayato (lol) but he refused to press charges against her.

so ….. fuck my life.


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