You were the opposite of Jack,
you wouldn’t give a damn if I fall on a freezing water – or on a bridge in the middle of the night.

You wouldn’t ask me to stay with you no matter what,
instead, you’d push me away until I can no longer grasp your hand.

You won’t tell me I’m beautiful while looking at my naked truths,
You’d tell me I’m flawed, and give that awfully beautiful smile.

I cried a thousand times watching that boat sank.
I cried realizing I’ll never be able to find my Jack.
I cried realizing I never wanted a Jack.

I just want a damn straightforward guy who’d tell me it’s stupid to risk your life for someone, even if she holds your life.

I want someone who’d push me away because he thought he could never make me happy.

I want someone who’d say my eyes were so big and my length’s too short but made me feel beautiful nevertheless.

I want an honest man, with an honest heart to tell me that it’s too late now, and that I made the biggest mistake of my life when I let him go.


Yes, my kind of guy isn’t ideal. He is arrogant and sometimes shy. He is so hot tempered and moody and irrational and very jealous and insecure and indecisive at times. He can also be funny and annoying at the same time. Sometimes he can be really loud, other times, silent like a deft man.

But I love him to the very bits of my super stupid heart.

I’ve loved him since that day he walked by my side on the bridge in the middle of the night and told me that he wouldn’t jump after me if I fall.

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