Too The End….

of my time off. It’s been a stressful week and I have been not able to settle down as I would. This whole house thing is a lot. I did have a talk with my Nephew about the money and I feel better simply that I did. It’s just a lot of money that I won’t get back. I also won’t be able to replace it as I don’t have that kind of income. I guess by the end of this whole family situation is done it will be about $25,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. I guess it’s good that I’ve had it to help them. With the Cancer thing…she’s great by the way…..and that they don’t have credit or savings, it could be worse. I’m going to retire on time regardless. I don’t do anything that would involve money…I don’t see myself traveling and I don’t really want to travel to see family in the other city after this Feb. I would say who knows….but I’m not going to fool myself to thing I would as I’m frozen with fear and I may think it would be good to have a “fun” retirement, it won’t happen at the end of the day. I just plan on getting high and hanging out hopefully in a quiet place that I’m comfortable in. I won’t hope for that either. I have a low overhead here and can keep it if I feel i can’t afford this ridiculous idea of buying a place with those guys where I have my own little place apart from theirs. So at least my income will afford me something. I do have a house fantasy with a man included. I know it’s stupid but I only have a Fantasy life and it’s been hard to have it when I’m stressed. I’m on school duty today. I think it will be better as I might be able to handle the 5yr old. He’s a handful. I also ordered movies…..yeah warped….but I am not a well person in the head and I know that. I’m unhealthy in mind and body. Hurt my back with having to do things for the winter season. Anyway……….Thanks 

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