TUESDAY November 29th

Shew, today started out rough. I woke up at 7:30. I usually get up at 6, but I must have forgotten to set my alarm. I was super stressed out this morning as a result I didnt’ have time to make a sandwich for lunch or anything. I hate feeling like I’m in a hurry. That’s never good for someone that’s eaten up with anxiety. I survived, though. I had my shit together reasonably well, considering, and I made it through the day. I really do like teaching in Kentucky much better than in New York. I like middle school the best and I like 6th grade the best out of middle school. I am going to ask to get to have all 6th grade next year when the time comes. The gifted teacher has one group of the non-gifted 6th graders this year. She has a group of the spartans as well- if I could have those 2 classes, I could have all 6th. Hell, I don’t even care  about having a gifted group- give that spartan group to the other 6th grade person and I’ll take a straight schedule of yahoos as long as I don’t have to teach 7th grade. 

I am going to sleep now so I can get to work early tomorrow!

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