Your Appearance

Both of you will enjoy sex more if you feel that your appearance is at its best. Of course, this is not always possible, especially at those times when lovemaking occurs spontaneously. But at bedtime your husband will enjoy seeing you at your bathed and prettiest feminine best. And your confidence in your own desirability will rise accordingly. A filmy nightgown creates an aura of loveliness. There are some “granny” gowns that even Granny would not wear, and your husband’s old college T-shirt probably doesn’t do much for a woman either. However, if that is what your husband wants you to wear, then by all means sleep in it. Some of you may be thinking that your husband couldn’t care less what you wear to bed, just so you take it off at the right time. Nevertheless, a clean, perfumed body attired in a feminine gown tells him that you care enough about your time with him to be your most appealing and desirable. Now we all know that a husband is greatly stimulated by seeing his wife’s body, but there can be too much of anything, even nudity. Going about the house nude or only scantily clad is not a good practice. As a wife once told me, “A little something left to the imagination is especially enticing.”

Of course your appearance for your husband at any time becomes an important issue. We have here some clues for the wife who wants to please her husband. Look pretty. Keep smiling. Don’t complain. Receive your husband with open arms!

There are other ways to please, so simple that you already know them. But we all need reminding. Give extra attention to the beauty and comfort of your bedroom. Keep the house picked up late in the afternoon, so that there will be an appearance of order, even if you have not had time to clean. Freshen up yourself too before your husband comes home. Serve broccoli, if that’s his vegetable, and leave off the green beans, which he detests. Wear the clothes you know he likes. If he prefers to stay up late at night, try to squeeze in an afternoon nap and stay up late with him. If he enjoys baseball, learn to like it. You don’t do these things because you are a doormat, but because you want to enjoy his world with him. Most important, a wise wife will not argue. She will keep her husband peaceful and satisfied and happy by gracefully conceding to his wishes, or deferring to his opinions. When the issue is an important one, it can be discussed and decided on its merits. A husband usually welcomes the thoughtful opinions of his wife. To remind ourselves to listen more and talk less is always good advice for the wife. And all this fits with the admonitions in God’s Word for wives to adapt themselves to their husband.

If you want to stay beautiful for your husband, you’ll be careful not to let yourself go as you get older. If your husband does not want you to be fat, you will avoid adding those ten pounds a year. A physical fitness program with your husband will not only allow you time to enjoy each other’s company, but may add quality of life to your golden years and even sexual energy by increasing maximum blood flow to the extremities.

More important, do not neglect inner beauty. Alice Painter says that when a woman is sixteen, she can’t help it if she isn’t beautiful. But if she is sixty and not beautiful, it’s her fault! A woman who is miserable on the inside will show it in her wrinkles and her countenance. She will show it in her actions, pushing others away. She will reveal it in her voice, which may be loud and strident or whining and complaining or ridiculing in tone. The woman who is loved and knows she is loved, who loves the Lord and loves her husband, will be lovely.

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