[132] ~*Fri – 12/01/17*~

[10:53 pm]

Every night is pretty much the same now. I read a bit and then I’m so tired that I just put the book aside thinking I’ll get back to it in a minute but I end up falling asleep for like an hour. I then wake up and really put my stuff away to actually sleep but then I have a hard time falling back asleep. Blah!

My client of this morning had told me to pick her up at 10 instead of nine so I had an extra hour to sleep or at least, should of had. Hub came to bed at 8:20 this morning. Grr! He always comes to bed an hour before I need to get up and screws up that last hour for me as I can never really fall back asleep. I’m about to make him sleep in another room. I keep telling him not to come to bed between this and that hour but he never listens. Since he always screws up my sleep, I’m also playing with his although I’m sure it doesn’t bother him. Like today, after my first client was done I still had a spare hour so I came back home and went back to bed for that hour. I sorta wish she would of still went out at nine so then I would of had two hours to sleep in between but oh well. 

It’s a new month, my data’s limit warning is finally gone from my screen. It actually looks weird now that it’s gone as I see the whole screen which I haven’t seen since I got the phone as the data thing happened the same night I got the phone. I can’t believe it’s already Dec though. The new year is coming up fast. 

I went out to buy a turkey today to bring to the turkey drive they have for the Food Bank. I also did the grocery and bought a Switch with the Mario game. Can’t wait to try it on Tue. I think I’ll ask hub to set it up so we can stream while we play. Don’t know if anyone will watch us play but we haven’t streamed together in like probably a year. I want to get back to it. Maybe not every Tue as I always seem to have a bunch of stuff to get done on my one day off but maybe every second Tue. Maybe I need to try and get an extra day off in the new year so we can spend more time together. We shall see! 

I paid the bills and it hurts since we did a lot of extra expenses in Nov. Hope this month will be better although I’m a bit scared as my car needs its safety and I don’t have a good feeling about it. The rattling is getting worse and I really hope they can find what’s wrong with it this time as they didn’t find anything when I brought it in a few months ago. I told hub today that I was about to put the car in the dump cause the rattling is just ridiculous and quite embarrassing.

I called mom and she said my brother left today around 2 pm. I’ve also talked to her about going there to make meat pies and I think we will be going in Jan when hub needs to go to the dentist. If it’s nice on her Bday we will just meet her in town and go eat and watch a movie or maybe me and hub could go to her place. We’ll see how the weather is at the time.

I’m lazy and don’t feel like feeding the suggies so I think I will text hub so he does it when he gets back from work. I’ll be making the food tomorrow after work so he can feed them for tonight. He’s still been doing well with cleaning the kitchen so that’s nice.

Well, I’m still all caught up on shows  and it’s pretty much 11 pm so I guess I will head to bed to read. I got the book version of what I was reading today so I don’t have to read on my phone anymore.




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