-#4-Complicated Relationship made more complicated

   Turns out the guy I’m thinking about dating(if we can manage a year as just friends), has two other females who constantly fight over him with each-other. He seems to dislike them both(by the way he talks about them), but doesn’t get rid of them. It makes me anxious a bit, I don’t want drama, it will be worse if they find out about me…which they haven’t….yet.

Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve been intimate with someone sexually. I’ve never had consensual intimacy with someone, so he would be my first if we did get along well. I want to get along with him as much as possible, even if we never become something like that, because he’s a good guy. A bit immature, but I think I’m starting to come to trust him.Men scare me but I feel incredibly safe with him. His female friends would kill me if they knew we discussed it. It’s not as if I’m that desperate. I don’t have to do it, but I want to be able to enjoy myself one day and I don’t want to let my past hold me back anymore.

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  1. That is complex. I hope you can figure it out, sometimes patience is the best thing. Like just quiet observation can help you make decisions very much:) Hope you’re doing well

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