-#5-Overprotective Parents

   I’m not sure if he is overprotective or not, but my father in this case, won’t even discuss birth control. It’s not like I plan to go out and screw a bunch of guys, I was actually hoping for birth control since it was suggested for my endometriosis and irregular periods.My father is only used to birth control doing what they used it for; prevention of babies. Which is great, but I don’t need some parent trying to keep it from me. Regardless if they agree or not, I can still get it from my doctor, so she said. My father had slowly shook his head to my mother when I asked her if I could think about getting on the pill.

To top it off, they are trying to “save my virginity,” as if I was a virgin. Nope, I’ve been raped, so I’m not a virgin, I was raped when I was twelve, so it’s a bit late to try to preserve it. I did buy some other forms of “protection,” in case. Helps to have it on you in case. It’s not like I Plan to jump the dude, not for another year or so, just that they are there in case. Plus, he’s too nervous, so I have to be patient.I hate this “preserve your virginity” discussion. I’ve had a 2 year relationship that I never even touched the guy, and I’m still friends with him. Most of the guys I have been with in some shape or form are still around and they are all my best guy friends and really care about me and have been there for me when I am not feeling my best. I want to do this to reclaim my body, as weird as that sounds. 

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