Everybody hurts

Weight this morning: 52.3kg

I follow someone on YouTube called It’s Black Friday and she posted a sad video about what is currently going on in her life…and it brings me back to reality a bit…everybody hurts in some ways and has tough crap going on in their life. It’s easy to get caught up in your own things and feel alone and think you are alone and most people are completely fine but a lot more people hurt than we often think. I always feel so alone and on the internet is a place where I have found the most true friends actually…I don’t have any friends around me, but on the internet is a place I find friends more than around me…it’s how I was talking to Jodi and she was my only friend whilst I was sectioned in a private hospital for over two years at a time where I was supposed to have gone to uni…it’s why Jodi means so much to me and why I was crushed when she committed suicide and I hadn’t even gotten round to replying to her last e-mail to me…

I am thinking of you, Freya (It’s Black Friday) virtual hugs from me!

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