See Me

There’s things you can’t look back on in life, people you can’t rely on to have your back in the fight, and then there’s the fakes who pick on you despite the fact their right behind you talking about your life, and as if you have nothing better to do it’s like why can’t you just walk in my shoes, look for something better to do if i’m the center of your conversation I hate to break the bad news, why can’t you see me when i see you i’m a lot more wrapped up than the vision you drew and I don’t think you understand what it’s like to lose, To find out that what goes around comes around and life is a cycle of bruises, you take hits, you take the fall, they wipe your name through the dirt and at the end of the day all you feel is the hurt

and there’s no one there to help you because they never really cared and your life is just a memory a picture to spare. everyone seems so temporary so you burn the bridges down and every time you turn around you walk through those flames but the fire you set is already ablaze 

your hoping for that day to come when your moving on and life’s just begun when you realize that everything you’ve been through was a lesson learned and the blessing’s you received helped you get through and the time you put in the effort you withdrew

sometimes i look back on my past but there’s nothing there for me, so I try to forget and every now and then something happens to trigger me, the emotions i hold and the things become unforgiving so i just let go and forget what’s done, it’s clearly a sign that i should just move on. I may be broken but I’m not about to fall again you watch me i’m done with the suffering, so i’ll keep going and use that pain to gain, my problems in life are not to blame, positivity in my mind and i’m learning quickly how to keep my thoughts straight without negativity, I stay away from the drama cause that’s what kills me, but life brings around what you need to see, on that note i’m probably caught in a trilogy but ill figure it out life’s already killing me, so i’ll live for today and fight for tomorrow cause that’s all you can do when your falling into depression and sorrow


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