[133] ~*Sat – 12/02/17*~

[8:24 pm]

Hub really needs to start helping me out with this. He needs to stop coming to bed an hour before I have to wake up cause he is just screwing up my sleep every damn days. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m so tired all the time. Sleeping is all I think about and every morning I hope for a cancellation so I can go straight back to bed. This isn’t normal anymore. I’m thinking that I’d need to be going to bed like 10 hrs before I need to be up so I can read an hour and then sleep like nine. That said, I wouldn’t have much time between work and going to bed so I don’t know when I’d be getting my things done. 

A new year is coming and I think I will make some changes when it comes. Last summer I wanted to make longer days to get an extra day off and just sorta let it go but I think with the new year I will make it happen. I don’t really want to work less, I just want more free time together cause 2 hrs of free time per day with just one day off isn’t working anymore. I’ve been working six days a week for the last three years and I think it’s starting to be too much as all I want to do on my day off is sleep. If I work longer days but manage to have two days off at least I can sleep one and do my house work on the other one. I have seven hours to place elsewhere in my week to make it happen so it should be doable. I will actually email the office right away to say that by Jan I want it to happen. The only thing is that if I do it like I want it, I won’t be able to work at the store on Mon night and I don’t know how she’s gonna take it. I could always say I’d work a Wed out of two or something. I just think that right now I need my two days off. I might end up changing it again as I might get bored with having two days off but if it happens I can always try to change it back. All I know for now is that I need to have a talk with hub so he understands that he is not helping me at all with coming to bed when he does. I also need to find a replacement for one of my client as he won’t be coming out on weekdays anymore as he got a full time job so I’m losing three hours. Bleh! Hopefully it will all work out and I’ll be able to get the schedule I’ve been wanting to have.

I went out to see A Bad Moms Christmas, again. Lol! It was still as funny as the two other times. Haha! Right now I feel lazy and really don’t want to go make the suggies food but I know I should cause I don’t know when I’ll have the time. I could push it to tomorrow night but I know that after a day of work at the store I won’t feel like standing up and making food so I better go do it now.

I feel a bit bleh but hopefully with some Lindsey Stirling I will get into a better mood while making the food.


[10:06 pm]

Suggies food done! Gosh! It takes so long to make. At least now I’m good for another two months. I’m also feeling better. Lindsey always does the trick with her awesome music. I was actually dancing while making the suggies food. So yea, food is done, dishes in the dishwasher and I also washed the suggies kitchen since hub didn’t do it before work. Bleh him!

Well, time for one episode of Orange Is The New Black then bed to read a bit.




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