A Time to Forgive

Today I burned history. In my adventures in the basement last week cleaning and purging I came across a thick leather bag stuffed with all the notes and reports and chaos from a very painful time in my work life in 2001.  I’ve kept it all these years, never knowing if I’d have to refer back to it. Hoping it was history; but somewhere in my deepest fears, not strong enough to let it go. This all changed today when I tossed every paper into the fire and watched history disappear. 

It hurt to glance back through the pages, so eventually I threw it all on the fire and watched it blaze. And I forgave it all. Everything that happened; every tear, every scare and every fear….reduced to ashes in my firepit. It no longer owns me or controls me. It is my time to forgive and live. 🙏🏻

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