Back To Work…

Tomorrow…I did walk today and I know that I need to do that more if I want my plan to happen even if I don’t want to. I have to make it 2 more yrs. I hurt my back again with what I had to do…I think I wrote that already…..’Nate’ the person in the story is just beautiful, had to keep it awhile so I can see him a little more. Stupid and a waste….but when you only have a Fantasy life you take what you can see. I now it’s not healthy. I have a great house I designed…it is stuff that I’ve had the idea before but, I am able to be creative more then with older software. I just want to write to say that I do now how unhealthy I am body and mind and that there is nothing really wrong with me, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by past therapist. So I pretend well….being 13 in a 62 yr. old body is a great feat. There is nothing wrong never getting older than 13 and having to make adult choices and plan for old age when you’re still hurting. But heck you just shake it off and get over it and move on…….Thanks 

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