Second loves?? Hey

This is so weird. Lol. Let me give this a try. So my life is pretty much routine and I don’t have a lot of friends. I have a few but not so much. I keep thinking about my ex boyfriend though. Do you know that feeling like you probably won’t find someone that understands you as much?? Like your soulmate?? If you think having a soulmate is crap trust me it isn’t. That person that you can talk with for hours about nothing and then the next day probably sit together in silence yet it feels the same way?? Like everything is crazy and like you have inside jokes that other people probably wouldn’t get even if you tried explaining?? It’s so bizarre and exciting at the same time. Trust me I don’t miss him for sex or anything because we never even kissed but that feeling just isn’t the same with anyone else. I had a boyfriend before and one after him but nothing is the same. He is definitely not the best looking guy but he’s cute tho. We haven’t seen each other in a over a year and we still talk but I can’t get over him. Our conversations are almost pretty much the same even after a year. We used to have this joint diary that we wrote stuff in together. We were young but we got each other.

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