-#6-Afraid I won’t fall In love again

¬† ¬†Technically I’m afraid I won’t fall in love with this guy. Someone tell me I need to calm down, since I’ve only know him for two weeks….

Sounds like I’m desperate, but I felt an instant connection, and we spend every waking moment with each-other, which sounds odd since we are supposed to be strangers. He’s so awesome in so many ways. He’s not emotionally abusive like my last bf who lasted two years and he’s 100x better. I know I NEED TO CALM DOWN. I just can’t help it when he’s pretty much someone who is permanently going to be in my life, just as any other person in my life currently. I am worried he is too trusting a bit, considering he’s even offered to spend money on something for me and even willing to share his steam account with me. I didn’t say yes to any of those, but it just worries me that maybe he does it for other’s too so maybe he might be too trusting.

To top it off, He’s rather….obedient..if that makes any sense. Pretty much told me I could do what I wanted to him. He’s just so awesome and so shy…hard to express how frustrating is is because I feel connected to him but I want to feel that passion or overwhelming emotion I had with my ex, except maybe better or different.

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