I am tired!!!! I woke up in complete pain. my feet is screaming you need to lose weight bitch and so is my back. I’m a resident assistant slash med tech, so lifting people all day  does not make it better. Plus I was working with boss lady last night, she was really no help. she basically did medication all night and didn’t help with care. I was pissed about it at first but its expected of her, she does not like to get her hands dirty. I have forgiven her already but my back and feet do not. It kept me busy though, I didn’t think about my soon to be ex husband.. with him not living with me and my son since may things have went down hill from there we do not talk… well at first we did but things are really weird now. when I asked him to leave due to multiple reasons I thought I was pushing him to be a better man…. however, I think I pushed him into the arms of another woman. He left to easily I feel he did not put up a fight. I had asked him a couple months ago to start giving me money and to help out with the baby forty to forty-five dollars a week. He started off well but then he stopped coming sending it. So I did go put him on child support… maybe that’s why he hasn’t seen his child in 4 weeks. I know its not my fault.. but right now at this time I blame myself.

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