The Ex From Hell

I remember one night one of my friends asking me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with her and some friends, and of course i went. We ate, had a good time, and she asked me afterwards to go to Wal-Mart right after because this guy she was at the time seeing was looking for something and asked her to come see him. So there i went right behind her. There was a guy there who was one of his friends, and shortly after we left she received a text message that wrote, “hey john thinks your friend is cute, he wants to know if he can have her number.” I was hesitant… I wasn’t all that attracted to him, but after some thought, I had been single for quite some time, so why not.. A few weeks pass and he invited us to a bonfire, and when we went, I started to think.. “well maybe he’s not so bad. I’ll give it a shot”. That night we stayed the night there, her head was in the toilet most of the night so it was interesting. That night was our very first kiss. I was “IN LOVE”. We talked every day, i drove to his house every day after school and on the weekends, which was almost an hour drive to his house. Soon he invited me to go to Gatlinburg TN, to stay in a cabin he and his friends had rented for the weekend of Rod-Run. We had a BLAST. Partying, drinking, driving the strip, shopping, this guy was just perfect. We had sex for the first time that weekend, and everyone knew. Shit, everyone HEARD… I couldnt resist this boy. He had a great job, he seemed so sweet and considerate. When the weekend came to and end, I was so sad. I couldn’t wait for the next time i could see him.. I didn’t want to leave. The very next weekend he came to my house for a change. We watched movies, talked, had sex, watched more movies and had more sex. Typical young lust and love. During sex, he literally stopped and asked me to be his girlfriend, and i laughed. Why then? It was so strange to me, but i accepted and we became “exclusive”.  Months go by and everything seems perfect. Until June 20th, my 19th birthday. I wanted a bonfire and some drinks, just a cool relaxed night. (with his friends) because what I hadn’t yet realized quite yet was that MY friends were no where to be found. So, i asked about having my friends over and all hell broke lose. He wanted me to go to rave spur of the moment, with all of his friends. I quickly denied. He said “well you can spend this birthday out with me and my friends, or you can take your ass home and sit there and give me my damn ring back.” There went the first fight of many. It blew over, and after 5 months of dating we lived together in my house. He didn’t help out with bills, housework, yardwork, nothing. Mind you this is my dads house we are living in. My dad was fit to be tied, hated him, but he didnt want to tell me and disappoint me, he didnt want to seem like he was controlling me, as my boyfriend at the time WAS. But it was a different kind of controlling, he would tell me for the 3 years we were together i could do something, and then if i did said thing (time with friends, drinks, etc) he wouldnt speak to me for WEEKS! Manipulation is a deadly thing. After taking on this relationship alone, without him supprting me, uplifting me, no pictures together, no cuddling, no kisses, no anything but him waking uop, going to work, coming home and laying his ass in my bed with HIS friend. i couldnt take it anymore. I would try to break up with him and he would corner me, so one day when i left for school i told him I wouldnt be coming home, to MY home, until he was out. I had taken all i could bare. He flipped, tried turning everyone against me. Reaching out to my friends and appologizing, i was way too late. I was so relieved. One good cry and i was good to go. Did i mention we were engaged? THAT WAS A BULLET DODGED. Im so much happier now. I have my friends back, i have my life back. Maybe i went about leaving him in the wrong way, but what choice did i have? I will never be with anyone again, just to be with them. No girl should. OR guy, because i know girls can be manipulative and controlling as well. Im proud of myself, and even though its been over a year and he still will try and slip in here and there, to bring me down i Wont let him. I grew my backbone. 

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