137 Fri and Mon

Yesterday was a low day. I just kept feeling like I wanted to cry or punch someone. I’m having so many hormonal fluctuations. It’s hard for me to know what I need to adjust at certain times. I figured I would try the EPO. I think it’s helping. I feel much better today.  I’m thinking it needs to be part of my daily vitamins/supplements now.   


Monday is here again. I have a tension headache like I have not had for a long time. I got a call on Friday about sub teaching. The school that wants me asked me to come in fill out some paperwork. How do I do this? I am already fully employed.  The easy way is to quit this job and go into the teaching thing – subbing until a perm job becomes available. But H won’t let me quit. I think I’m feeling a bit out of control here.  I want to take some control of my work/life satisfaction. I wanted to take today off.  But I have not time to take. I’m already in the hole on PTO.  We need our family picture taken for a Christmas card.  The damn card.  Every year it’s an unnecessary stress. Who cares about it really? Wait the answer to that is me.  I do care.

And now a the only tooth I have crowned just fell apart. Un-fucking-believable.  

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